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I come from Ecuador, we are a nation who cherish our natural resources and we proudly claim part of the Amazon rainforest.  Whilst my country cannot claim to be a world leader in biotechnological development such as bioremediation, we are gaining ground on our contribution to protect our own resources, ecosystems […]


How do you feel when you look at the above picture? Scared? Terrified? Does it bear resemblance to any petrol plants you may have seen on planet earth? You may recognise it from the fictional world of middle-earth in the movie Lord of the Rings, in which Mordor, (pictured above) […]


As described in my previous posts, the terrifying disasters caused by human ambition (ranging from petroleum production to over population) and their impact on natural resources such as water, air and agricultural areas causes huge risk to the survival of the human population due to famine. Whilst bioremediation is one […]


Why is Father Christmas red? Why do we use Fir trees for Christmas trees? Why do we give oranges to good children or coal to bad ones in their stockings? There are many mythical answers to these questions be it the latest Sainsbury’s advert, the institution that is Coca Cola […]


I had the opportunity to visit Incinerox company in 2014 with the University of Salesiana, Quito in Ecuador, a national reputable company, for eliminating or reducing toxicity through incineration. Incinerox company in charge of the treatment of hazardous waste since 2000 that uses incineration machinery with a capacity of up […]